Amicable Divorce

The end of a marriage is always difficult, but it does not have to be emotionally contentious. If you and your spouse are able to reach a divorce agreement in a calm, rational manner you can save yourself time and money as well as avoid the stress of drawn-out litigation. At Green & Weinstein, PC, our Annapolis amicable divorce lawyers will work closely with you and your spouse's counsel to reach a fair agreement that everyone will be able to live with.

We Will Help You Reach an Equitable Agreement

The attorneys at our Maryland family law firm will work closely with you to determine your goals in the amicable divorce process. We will listen attentively to your desires and ensure that your important interests are conveyed to the other side. We have the benefit of being able to view your case without the emotions that sometimes get in the way of reality. We will tell you what to expect throughout the process. We will negotiate with the other side to help you reach an agreement that will address:

We will use our experience in alternative dispute resolution and mediation to represent your interests. You can rest assured that we will handle your concerns with understanding and compassion as we work toward achieving a divorce that benefits all parties involved.

Benefits of an Amicable Divorce

There are many benefits to reaching a divorce resolution that you and your spouse can agree upon. This process helps you retain control over future custody decisions and the division of property. When these decisions are left to a judge, your unique circumstances may not be taken into account. We will help you tailor an agreement that will suit your needs and help you to preserve family harmony.

Call for an Appointment With a Baltimore Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

If your marriage has come to an end, but you wish to get a divorce that does not involve the time and expense of litigation, we can help. Contact our Annapolis divorce attorneys online or call 410-280-2696 , 410-280-2696 or toll-free 410-280-2696 , 410-280-2696 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.