Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

With same-sex marriages legalized in the United States, same-sex couples can now jointly petition for adoption. The lawyers at Green & Weinstein, PC, possess a comprehensive knowledge of the new laws and provide dedicated legal advocacy in facilitating the process.

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Are You Looking to Adopt?

Many same-sex couples want to take the natural, next step: starting a family together. In some cases, one partner is already the parent of a child from a previous relationship or marriage. Other types of adoption start with the child being conceived via assisted reproduction, including surrogacy or sperm donation.

Issues surrounding same-sex adoption are emotionally charged, especially when a relationship between a couple ends. Without formally adopting as a "second parent," contact and interaction with a child presents challenges following the separation.

At Green & Weinstein, PC, we believe in the same-sex rights of nonbiological parents. They can serve as nurturing and supportive parental figures, during a relationship and following a divorce. A second-parent adoption not only solidifies a relationship between a parent and child, but it also preserves parental rights to child support, child custody and visitation.

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