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Reclaiming your home after divorce

One of the hardest parts of divorce can be the incessant intrusion of unwanted memories in your home. Having to walk past happy marriage photos or an ex-spouse's belongings can be emotionally trying for Maryland divorcé(e)s, but many find that simply cleaning, redecorating and otherwise reclaiming their living space can make them more confident about their newly single lives and give them the courage to handle any of the repercussions of divorce.

Maryland to handle all child support payments electrically

The Maryland Department of Human Resources claims it will save approximately $1.4 million when it begins electronically sending all child support checks to their recipients. The state previously mailed paper checks to custodial parents, but officials with the Child Support Enforcement Administration contend that the new system will save a significant amount on printing and postage, as well as offering a safer, simpler and more efficient way for custodial parents to receive their court-ordered child support.

Maryland fathers sue D.C. over child custody issues

Two Maryland fathers have filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia after the District placed their children in foster care. Because both families reside in Maryland, their lawsuit claims that the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency violated their parental rights by taking their children after their mothers lost child custody.

Developments in ex-Nigerian official's Maryland divorce revealed

A paternity test administered in the U.S. has revealed that a former Nigerian politician is not the father of his wife's child. The news could dramatically affect the outcome of the couple's ongoing divorce in Maryland, which centered on the woman's demand for child support, among other issues.

Maryland allows judges to consult alimony formula

A handful of states have enacted formulas for determining alimony awards. In many states, the amount awarded to former spouses following a divorce is completely at the discretion of the presiding judge. Even though these decisions are based on factors like the financial statuses of the spouses, the length of the marriage and the health of each spouse, data shows that average alimony awards tend to be very inconsistent.

Maryland considers same-sex divorce

While Maryland does not recognize gay marriage, courts are currently deciding whether to authorize same-sex divorce in the state. The state's attorney general issued a statement in 2010 explaining that Maryland should grant divorce to same-sex couples since several neighboring states allow for gay marriages. While such a statement is not binding in anyway, he went on to explain that he predicted the Maryland Supreme Court might agree with him.

Same-sex divorce can be difficult in Maryland

Divorce is difficult under any circumstance. However, the pain associated with divorce can be multiplied when legal proceedings cause a delay in finalizing the process. Two Maryland women are facing hardships because their divorce has been denied in a court of law. Because same sex marriage is illegal in the state, a judge chose to deny the divorce of the women, who had been legally married in California.

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