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Some states look at child support changes, Maryland could be next

Maryland residents may be interested to learn about a proposal in another state to increase the amount of child support payments in that state by 3.5 percent for all parents, regardless of their incomes. The proposed changes would take place in January 2016, if approved. The review comes from a state advisory committee that is operating due to a federal mandate that requires each state to review the child support guidelines it has in place every four years.

Maryland child support payments owed even if out of state

An attorney general's office in another state recently collected more than $95,000 in back child support payments in one case. Maryland parents who receive child support payments are likely aware that payments can be collected even if the parent who owes the support moves to another state. The 41-year-old man who had moved to another state paid his back due support after an arrest warrant was issued for him for felony non-support.

Maryland DNA results can stop child support payments

A man in another state has been responsible for the support of a child that is not his for 13 years. The man claims that he has never seen the child nor talked to the child, yet he is, in the eyes of the state, considered to be $21,000 behind in child support payments. This type of situation can happen anywhere, even in Maryland.

Social Security can be garnished for child support in Maryland

The Social Security Administration offers a variety of benefits to Americans who are in need of financial assistance whether due to disability or low income. When the recipients of Social Security benefits are non-custodial parents, the parents who are expecting to receive child support payments are often unsure of whether Social Security benefits can be garnished for back child support. Maryland parents who are wondering about this issue may benefit from learning more about Social Security and child support. 

When do child support orders deviate from the standard formula?

Like many other states, Maryland has very specific guidelines when it comes to child support payments. Both parents are tasked with the duty to financially support their child, and these guidelines ensure that a child is provided with necessities such as food, clothing and education. The guidelines also make sure that child support and alimony payments are considered separately. It is important to note, though, that there are certain instances where deviations may be made from traditional child support guidelines.

Maryland child support calculations

Maryland uses a set of child support guidelines in determining child support payments. Generally speaking, the custodial parent receives child support from the non-custodial parent. Shared physical custody may present complications, but a Maryland court will still rely on the guidelines in most cases.

Child support and credit checks in Maryland

After a divorce in Maryland, it may be up to a judge or a government agency to determine if someone needs to make child support payments, as well as how much must be paid. To do this, the agency may take a look at a person's credit report. They will be looking at the overall credit score, but they will also be going into more detail to see if the person has missed many payments in the past, defaulted on their loans, or done anything else that could be viewed as a negative part of that report.

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