Contribution By One Spouse To The Other For Attorneys Fees

Negotiating and litigating a family issue, especially divorce, can be extremely expensive. The burden of that expense can be an unequal one between the parties. Do not hesitate to seek out quality representation because of the cost.

When you are represented by Green & Weinstein, PC, we will explore all available options under Maryland family law to negotiate for, or petition the court to order your spouse to contribute to your attorney's fees.

If you believe your spouse should contribute to paying your attorney's fees, please contact our office and schedule an appointment so we can assess your family law matter.

There are a variety of circumstances where it is appropriate to ask one spouse to contribute to the other's attorney's fees. Attorneys Dawn M. Green and Charlotte Weinstein are experienced in aggressively pursuing all of these situations.

In determining whether or not to order one spouse to contribute to the attorney’s fees of the other, the Maryland courts take into consideration the financial means and needs of both parties, as well as whether the party asking for contribution to his or her attorney’s fees is justified in filing suit.

Attorneys Green and Weinstein's experience and knowledge will help them present your case to the court in a manner such that a contribution to your attorney’s fees is more likely. It is very important to hire an attorney with a thorough understanding of Maryland family law — who is aware of the benefits and necessity of obtaining a contribution towards her clients' attorney’s fees.

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Legal services may be expensive but there are remedies available under Maryland family law that our office can help you use to make your spouse contribute to your costs. When you contact our office to schedule an appointment, you can feel confident we are fighting for rights and what is owed to you.