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 There Is An Alternative To Classic Divorce Proceedings

At the Law Office of Dawn M. Green, attorney Green hears from people who are considering filing for divorce and are worried because they have heard how expensive and time-consuming a divorce can be. Mediation services and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be an option for these clients.

Attorney Dawn Green is a skilled family law negotiator and has extensive experience in the area of preparing a client for mediation services. Attorney Green will use her experience to help you prepare for your mediation. She can also act as a mediator to those couples who are representing themselves and handling their divorce without litigation.

Responsive, Experienced And Compassionate Representation

For some divorce matters, such as child custody, the court requires mediation, and no attorney will be present. Before you start, it is always a good idea to talk to a lawyer about the process. For property settlement agreements, your attorney can be by your side to help you understand the process and protect your interests. The mediation process often includes input from independent professionals such as child welfare experts and financial advisors.

The Real Value Of Mediation

There is substantial evidence to suggest that mediated settlements provide a more permanent solution to property settlement disagreements. Whenever you go into court, you are taking the decisions out of your own hands and putting them into the hands of a judge. Litigation is always unpredictable. The real value of mediation is that you can control the outcome throughout the process. Attorney Dawn Green will assist you with the preparation for your mediation session.

Practice Focused Only On Family Law

Since Attorney Dawn M. Green has devoted her entire legal career to the area of family law, she is well aware of the legal as well as emotional issues in divorce. As your mediator, she can lead you through each issue in dispute; helping you work out your differences until a fair and equitable agreement is reached. Since court outcomes are unpredictable and litigation is expensive, mediation may be a better alternative.

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The attorney you hire will be relying on his or her negotiating and mediation skills throughout your case. It makes sense to hire a lawyer who is 100 percent committed to Maryland family law.

If mediation or other ADR options sound like the best solution to your pending custody or property settlement case, contact us through our online form or call our Annapolis office at +1-443-440-5871.