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 When The Other Party Will Not Comply With A Court Order

If you are having problems with a spouse or ex-spouse who is not adhering to the terms set out in an agreement or court order, it might be time to seek out judicial intervention to make your spouse or ex-spouse comply.

When you are represented by the Law Office of Dawn M. Green, you can feel confident that you have an aggressive attorney with plenty of courtroom experience on your side. Our attorneys’ devotion to the area of family law has given them an intimate knowledge of how best to pursue and defend enforcement actions. If you have an enforcement issue, contact our Annapolis office to schedule an appointment today.

Bringing A Contempt Proceeding

Our office has experience bringing contempt proceedings when one spouse fails to adhere to any of these orders and/or agreements:

We understand that when agreements in relation to minor children are violated, it concerns the whole family — especially the children. We are here to protect your children and your rights.

Attorney Dawn Green will show when such actions were intentional and violations of the terms set in place. If we are successful, the judge can order enforcement by the spouse to comply with the terms of the agreement by ordering full payment of support or alimony and make-up visitation. Attorney Green also has experience having the court award attorney’s fees be paid to one spouse by the spouse found in contempt for violating these orders and agreements.

There Is A Defense Against These Orders

If you have been served with a motion to enforce an agreement, we can also defend you in court. We can explain the justifiable reasons for your actions to convince the court that the violation was necessary due to changed circumstances. We can also argue that a modification might be necessary and enforcement is no longer reasonable. In certain situations, violating these agreements can lead to being held in contempt of court and jail time, so be sure to have an experienced family law attorney like Dawn Green represent you.

Contact An Experienced Enforcement Attorney Today

Enforcement issues are serious, time-sensitive matters that require well-articulated arguments. Choose an attorney who knows how to deal with the legal system by drafting effective court orders to compel enforcement.

Contact us online to schedule an appointment if you have an enforcement issue. You can also reach our Annapolis office at +1-443-440-5871.