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Understanding The Value Of A Prenuptial Agreement

The Law Office of Dawn M. Green provides a complete range of services relating to pre-wedding legal planning and the protection of your individual assets. In today’s world, second and third marriages are becoming the norm. Also, people are getting married for the first time at a later age. That means that individual parties heading into a marriage have more individual assets to protect in the event the worst happens. A prenuptial or antenuptial agreement is more than just an insurance policy against divorce, it is the one sure way you have of protecting your financial future for your children by a prior relationship and yourself.

It Is Important To Start Planning Early

To be considered valid by the courts, a prenuptial agreement cannot be entered into under duress. Prenups that are written at the point of a shotgun, just weeks, days or immediately before the wedding are suspect and can be invalidated. To ensure that your prenuptial agreement will withstand legal scrutiny, talk to an experienced Maryland family law attorney as soon as possible after you decide to get married. The document can always be changed or rescinded as time moves forward. Our firm provides complete pre-marriage and post-marriage family law services.

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