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Face Divorce Due To Adultery With Compassionate Help

The process of divorce is painful enough, but when one of the contributing factors is adultery, it can be embarrassing and emotionally draining for both parties. However, since adultery is one of the grounds for fault-based divorce in Maryland, proving adultery can help expedite the process and help determine the terms of a settlement.

This process can be complicated: it is essential to have a skilled lawyer on your side who can assist you. You need someone who understands how the presence of adultery affects your case, and how to address the issue legally while considering your emotional needs.

At the Law Office of Dawn M. Green, we take a compassionate approach in helping our clients deal with the reality of adultery and how it will affect divorce. Attorney Dawn M. Green has devoted her entire legal career to family law and helping clients through the toughest of situations, including adultery.

Whatever Your Situation, We Can Help

Adultery has a direct impact on the determination of spousal support/alimony, attorney’s fees, and marital property distribution. We have experience dealing with the sensitive nature of adultery and how it will affect divorce and child custody.

Under Maryland law, there is a standard of proof that must be met to prove adultery in court. There must be the opportunity for an affair to have taken place and documented evidence of a public display of affection by the accused spouse. It is important to note that obtaining the necessary proof should not be done by just anyone. We have experience proving adultery to the court, as well as defending against accusations of infidelity: no matter your situation, we can help you.

How We Prove Or Disprove Adultery

Attorney Dawn Green works with reputable private investigators who have experience in gathering the corroborating information. If you suspect that you are the victim of an adulterous affair, we will work with you to build the case using evidence you find, as well as what is found during the detective’s investigation.

If you are in the situation where you have concerns that a claim of adultery will be made against you, the Law Office of Dawn M. Green‘s knowledge of the family law courts will assist you in limiting any negative impact such a claim might have on your case.

We Can Help You Move Forward With Expediency

We are sensitive to clients who have committed adultery and those who are the innocent party in the marriage. We are zealous in our representation of our clients and are committed to helping them navigate through difficult times. Contact the Law Office of Dawn M. Green online if you want experienced representation in your divorce where adultery is a factor, or call +1-443-440-5871.