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The Division Of Property Can Be Contentious

Coming to an agreement on the division of property in a divorce can be a difficult task. When money, the family home and personal items are at issue, it can be difficult for divorcing spouses to come to an agreement.

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How Is Property Divided In Maryland?

Maryland is an equitable distribution state when it comes to property division in divorce. What does that mean? When dividing personal property, assets and debts, the court strives to divide property in a fair — but not necessarily equal — way.

Common assets and property divided in a divorce proceeding includes:

Some couples are able to come to an agreement on property division on their own, through mediation or through the attorneys negotiating. Others may need to proceed to court to have a judge make a final decision. In either case, our attorneys can provide the representation you need to ensure that your financial interests are protected, no matter how complex or commingled your assets are.

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