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When Separate Property Is Commingled With Marital Property

Upon divorce, all property between you and your spouse will be divided into separate property or marital property. Separate property is an asset that is considered to be a spouse’s individual property. Marital property is all property acquired during the marriage. While this appears simple enough on paper, things can become complex quickly, particularly when separate property is commingled with marital property.

At the Law Office of Dawn M. Green, our Annapolis commingled assets lawyers have extensive experience in property division, including the division and characterization of assets that may or may not be marital property.

Experienced Help With All Types Of Property Division

The attorneys at our Maryland divorce law firm can help in all areas concerning commingled assets division. We handle a variety of complex marital property settlements, including those involving:

  • Identification of separate property
  • Trusts and inheritances
  • Pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Commingled investments and joint accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Real estate
  • Business and professional practices

Separate property often gets commingled with marital property, which leads to complex questions concerning what is separate and what is not. We always work to reach an amicable divorce agreement through alternative dispute resolution and mediation, but when this is not possible we will represent your interests tenaciously.

You Can Rely On Our Skill And Knowledge

Issues surrounding commingled assets division are complicated. Our Annapolis property division lawyers have the skill and knowledge to guide you through this difficult process. We can identify all of your assets, determine how they should be characterized, and, if necessary, prove to the court why your property should be considered separate upon your divorce. This is not an area that should be entrusted to the hands of an inexperienced attorney.

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A divorce is difficult enough without having to worry about how your property will be divided. We will explain the process to you and keep you informed of your case every step of the way. Contact our Baltimore divorce attorneys online, or call +1-443-440-5871 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.