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Moving On With Divorce

Ending a marriage is a significant and traumatic change for everyone involved. It is important that you get comprehensive legal counsel as soon as possible to avoid problems in the future. At Law Office of Dawn M. Green, we practice exclusively in areas related to Maryland family law. We will listen to your needs to better understand your situation, inform you of your options and make sure your rights are protected.

There Are Two Types Of Divorce

There are two types of divorce available in Maryland, a limited divorce and an absolute divorce. A limited divorce does not require a significant separation period and helps to formalize the separation of the parties. A limited divorce does not end the marriage or divide property. However, it allows the court to step in and determine matters related to spousal support and child support, as well as child custody and visitation. The court will also determine the use and possession of the marital home on a temporary basis.

An absolute divorce finalizes the dissolution of the marriage and makes a final determination as to property distribution, including the division of pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s, as well as commingled assets. There will also be determinations made regarding alimony, custody, visitation and support. We provide experienced representation in both limited and absolute marriage dissolution.

Grounds For Divorce

A limited divorce can be granted on the following grounds:

  • Mutual and voluntary separation
  • Constructive desertion (this means that one spouse’s behavior was such that it forced the other party to leave the marital home)
  • Cruelty of treatment
  • Excessively vicious conduct

An absolute divorce can be granted on the following grounds:

  • Mutual consent
  • Adultery
  • Mutual and voluntary separation
  • Desertion or constructive desertion
  • Cruelty of treatment or excessively vicious conduct
  • Insanity
  • Criminal conviction

Protecting Your Marital Property

The distribution of marital property is based on what assets you brought into the marriage and what assets were accumulated during the marriage. Attorney Dawn Green at our Annapolis family law firm can help you with complicated marital property settlements and the dividing of the marital home. You can protect the assets you brought into the marriage. We will help ensure that you get credit for your premarital interests.

Marital Dissolution

Divorce is not always the proper legal strategy for a couple. Sometimes both parties can benefit from either an annulment or a legal separation. Although we are not certified marriage counselors, as qualified Maryland annulment attorneys we can help you explore other legal options when it comes to marital dissolution.

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