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Gray Divorce: Why are more people separating after years of marriage?

The gray divorce phenomenon describes how more people 50 years of age and older are filing for divorce after decades of marriage for various reasons.

There are a host of marriage myths and divorce legends in the American culture. One myth that many people continue to believe is that the longer a couple stays married, the less likely they are to divorce. Research conducted by Bowling Green State University, however, showed that an increasing number of couples over the age of 50 are filing for divorce in Maryland and across the country. In fact, the divorce rate among this age group has more than doubled over the past two decades, according to the Huffington Post. So why are more people calling it quits after years of marriage? Not only does the answer lie in the depths of human relationships, but in a changing economy and a longer life expectancy.

1. The kids have moved out

Empty nest syndrome, as some call it, can change the dynamics of a couple’s relationship, according to Community Digital News. A life that was once centered on raising kids comes to an abrupt halt when the children grow up and move out. When a couple is forced to interact with one another, they may find that they no longer have anything in common. After the kids move out, the couple may decide that their duties are done and they may decide to part ways.

2. People are more independent

Years ago, many stay-at-home moms were dependent on their spouses for financial support. Now with more jobs opening in various industries, it isn’t hard for people to find jobs of their own, according to the Fiscal Times. With the ability to make their own money, spouses may decide to leave an unhappy marriage and branch out rather than stay and try to work out any problems that might exist.

3. People are living longer lives

People are living longer. As the baby boomer population ages, new technology and medical treatments have helped to increase seniors’ longitude and overall quality of life. With decades left in their senior years and after retirement, some people may choose to get out of a troubled situation and seek companionship elsewhere.

Gray divorce has many implications, including financial concerns and stress on relationships with adult children and grandchildren. Older couples may have more complications when it comes to dividing property and filing for spousal support as well.

Seeking legal counsel during your divorce

Whether you are separating from your spouse after just a few years of marriage, or you are filing for divorce from a marriage that lasted for decades, you may want to seek the legal assistance of a divorce attorney in Maryland. There are many factors to consider when filing for divorce, and it can be hard to make difficult decisions during such an emotional time. An attorney may be able to help you with your transition and simplify the divorce process.