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How to inform others about your divorce

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Couples considering a legal separation or divorce in Maryland may seem overwhelmed with the number of items on their to-do list. Even as you are dealing with a significant amount of emotional pain, you must also take a business-like approach to many aspects of the divorce. One of the most difficult, and potentially emotionally intense, tasks involved in divorce has nothing to do with your spouse and everything to do with your friends and family. How should you go about telling the other people in your life that you are pursuing a breakup?

Those who have gone through divorce already recommend that you start with same-sex friends before making any other announcements. Talk to your close friends as soon as possible after you have the decision-making conversation with your spouse. The support of these non-judgmental parties will be critical as you proceed through informing others in your life. After discussing the situation with your friends, you will have the practice and courage to bring the matter to your family’s attention. Talk to your close family first, restricting the conversation to siblings and parents, if possible. These conversations may be among the most difficult that you will ever have with your close family members, but honesty is critical during this tough time.

After you have informed your closest friends and family members, you will have to break the news at work. Talk to your boss or supervisor, who may be able to provide you with a little more privacy than usual as you acclimate to your new life situation. After everyone else has been notified, you can talk to your extended family and address the issue on your Web platforms and social media. Rushing into telling too many people about your divorce is likely to cause you to feel overwhelmed. Instead, mete out the information judiciously for your own emotional health.

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