Divorce parties growing in popularity

While divorce rates have been on the decline in recent decades, individuals in Maryland and elsewhere have taken an increasing interest in celebrating the ends of marriages. While critics of divorce parties have harshly compared the practice to "celebrating a...

Getting a divorce after a long marriage

According to a sociological study titled "The Gray Divorce Revolution," individuals over the age of 50 are divorcing about twice as much as they were 20 years ago. Most people are not surprised when a marriage ends after five or 10 years, but data suggests that many...

Managing your money after divorce

Divorce can be stressful and emotionally taxing, understandably leaving many divorcees with a number of challenges. While each of these challenges may seem to be of critical importance, it is particularly crucial that an individual undergoing a divorce effectively...

Handling finances during a divorce

Divorce has the potential to introduce a number of new stressors to one's life; a person undergoing divorce may have to deal with asset division, child support, alimony and other issues. These issues can make it hard to adjust to single life, especially in relation to...


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