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Divorce can be a motivator for positive change

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All too often, people in Maryland discussing divorce focus on the negative but doing that is only to examine one aspect of something that is multifaceted. Divorce can be a motivator for positive change and can actually result in everyone involved being happier and more satisfied with their lives. Living with a marriage that is simply not working is unlikely to leave anyone happy. Lingering on accomplishes nothing other than the passage of time, and with elapsed time, lost opportunities.

Divorce can encourage people to move on with their lives, explore new life paths and experiences, and develop new more satisfying relationships. It does not have to be carried out with undue acrimony and bitterness. If both spouses can simply acknowledge that the marriage is not working and work together with their respective attorneys to negotiate the best possible solution for all concerned on various family law issues such as property division, spousal support, child custody, child support and visitation.

With this approach, the destructive paths of casting blame and seeking revenge can be avoided. This is particularly important when the couple has children and therefore, has to continue to work together over the years for the good of the children.

After a divorce, children continue to need the love, involvement and support of both parents in their lives. They should not be made to feel as though they have to “choose sides” between the parents, should be assured that both parents still love them and understand that the divorce is not their fault.

With that said, some divorces will be bitter, contentious affairs. In these cases, you may wish to speak with several professionals to help you get through the process, such as a family therapist, an experienced divorce attorney and a financial advisor.

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