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Deciding whether to delay divorce until New Year

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Once some Maryland spouses have decided that their marriage is over, filing the paperwork cannot come too soon. It is understandable to want to move on with one’s life and leave a broken marriage behind, but there may be some very practical reasons for postponing a divorce announcement as the holidays approach. Spouses who are considering making this landmark life choice should consider the role that timing can have on the process and its outcome.

For example, delaying divorce until after the holidays can make the coming month far easier to manage from an emotional standpoint. Christmas is a difficult time to bring divorce into the mix, especially when there are extended family members involved in the celebrations. Many people already struggle with emotional turmoil during the holidays, and it may make sense to hang in here for a few more weeks before pulling the plug on a marriage.

In addition, it makes good financial sense to avoid discussing divorce with one’s partner until all of the relevant financial information has been collected. In many cases, a spouse who is angry or bitter about the end of a marriage will make every effort to slow the divorce process. This includes “losing” important financial documents, which are required to initiate the property division process. Having this information already in place can make the early stages of divorce far easier to manage.

With holiday decorations filling every store and Christmas music in the air, this may not be the best time to bring up the topic of divorce. In just a few weeks, the attention will turn to New Year’s Eve and the resolutions that follow. That may be the perfect time to broach the subject of divorce, and to give Maryland spouses the chance to work toward a fresh start in a new year.

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