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Can a family law attorney help protect me from domestic violence?

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The short answer to your question is absolutely, a family law attorney can help you with domestic violence. After a short discussion about the domestic violence-related laws in Maryland, you will find out how a lawyer can help.

Maryland law does not specifically address domestic violence in its legislature. However, the state does give attention to the issue in its family law code. Additionally, the state offers the victims of domestic violence several effective ways to seek protection. In the eyes of many, domestic violence is shrouded in mystery. Victims often do not understand what behaviors may constitute domestic violence. Below is a very brief breakdown of domestic violence crimes.

— Assault or any act that injures a person

— False imprisonment

— Sexual misconduct or rape

— Stalking

— Any act that makes a person afraid of physical injury

To be differentiated from other acts of violence, domestic violence must take place between people who are in a domestic relationship. This means spouses, ex-spouses, children and other family members. Domestic violence is a criminal matter and therefore punishable by the law.

The role of a family law attorney in these kinds of situations is to acquire protection for any and all victims of this violence. Some of the ways lawyers accomplish this goal is by helping victims secure protection orders or peace orders against the party allegedly responsible for the abuse or violence. A lawyer will also remain a steadfast advocate on the victim’s behalf while he or she seeks a legal remedy for the problem.

If you are asking these kinds of questions because you are a victim of domestic violence, do not wait any longer. Seek help for yourself and your loved ones immediately by accessing the legal protections Maryland places at your disposal.

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