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When paying child support is difficult, seek professional advice

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Taking care of children can be challenging in any situation, but after a divorce, it is even more so. Establishing child support mandates is the government’s solution to making sure both parents contribute to the care of their children. However, in an ever-evolving economy, financial hardships can make it difficult for the non-custodial parent to keep up with the payments.

Most divorced parents in Maryland want to contribute to their child’s upbringing, but even one missed payment can make a substantial impact on both parent’s ability to care for the child. Further, missing payments is detrimental to the paying parent as well. Each state deals with child support issues in its individual own way. In Maryland, there are several different enforcement options the state can use to collect delinquent payments. Some of these options include:

— Wage garnishment

— Intercepting income tax refunds

— Administrative liens

— Intercepting lottery winnings

— Asset garnishment

— Credit reporting

— New hire reporting

— Driver’s license suspension

Finally, a judge can order incarceration or other court actions to encourage the non-custodial parent to pay. In some cases, these enforcement techniques do not seem to make sense. For example, how can one go to work and make child support payments if he or she loses driving privileges? In another example, if one is incarcerated, he or she cannot go to work, earn money and pay child support.

Instead of simply ceasing payments, the non-custodial parent should seek child support modifications when circumstances arise that affect the ability to pay child support. Legal representation can help the paying parent present evidence and facts to support the necessity of modifying a child support order. Learn more about the process on our website.


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