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What are the goals of divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Family Law |

If you and your spouse decide to move forward with divorce, you may want to discuss the possibility of mediation.

As long as both parties are on board with the idea, this is something to consider. There is no guarantee that you will make it through divorce mediation with success, but many find that this is a nice alternative to the traditional court system.

There are many goals associated with divorce mediation, including but not limited to the following:

— To create an equitable divorce agreement without the additional stress of a lengthy court process.

— To avoid the high cost that typically goes along with litigation.

— To minimize stress and hostility, making it easier for all parties involved to move forward with their life.

Along with the above, many people have come to find that divorce mediation is also easier on any children from the relationship. And as you know, the best interest of children should always be taken into consideration.

If you’re on the fence regarding divorce mediation, it’s a good idea to compare the primary goals of the process against your situation and what you hope to accomplish. This is the best way to determine if it’s something that could work.

If you decide to move forward with divorce mediation, keep in mind that you can still work with an attorney. This person can answer your questions and help you get a fair shake.

As long as both individuals are confident that divorce mediation can work, there’s a good chance that litigation can be avoided and this can be put in the past sooner rather than later.

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