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The divorce mediation process is not complicated

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Just the same as litigation, many people look at divorce mediation and assume that they will face one challenge after the next.

While there is no denying the fact that you may face some issues every now and again, there’s nothing complicated about the process and the way that it unfolds. In other words, the approach is straightforward, despite the fact that there may be some sticking points.

Here is the way things will play out:

First meeting

During this meeting, you and the other person will sit down with the mediator to discuss the issues at hand and the way the process will move forward. During this time, you should share your feelings on what you need to work through in order for the mediation to be considered a success.

Additional meetings

Once the details are in place, additional meetings will be held to discuss the issues. Depending on the circumstances, it could take several meetings in order to get through everything.

The final agreement

As soon as you have everything in order, the mediator can then create a final agreement that outlines the results. From there, you and your legal team can review the agreement and decide what to do next. If everything checks out, you can sign the agreement for final approval by the court.

The actual divorce mediation process is straightforward. However, the details that pop up along the way can complicate things. This is why you need to understand what you want to accomplish, the steps you need to take and how to hold out to get what you want.

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