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Parents can make joint custody work well

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Child Custody |

Maryland parents have it within their power to make a joint custody arrangement work. While it is never simple, if they follow a set of rules, they will be on the way to success. They may even be able to establish a functional co-parenting relationship.

The most important thing is that both parents need to place the children’s interests ahead of their own. This starts with selecting a reasonable custody schedule that does not involve the parent committing to a schedule they cannot keep. Parents need to bring the kids into the schedule decision if they are old enough. They can even create a customized schedule. In general, parents should give their children a voice where they are able to express their own thoughts and feelings. If the custody arrangement needs to be changed based on the kids’ preferences or needs, the parents should consider it.

When it comes to the dealings between the parents, each must make sure to be respectful of the other. Even a parent has hard feelings against the other parent, they must try to look at them in a different light once they are no longer spouses. They must communicate with each other constructively in a manner that is designed to facilitate collaboration and cooperation. Moreover, each parent must realize that there are some battles that are simply not worth fighting.

The underpinning for a joint custody arrangement that is beneficial is found in the divorce agreement. The choices that the parents make when they are negotiating custody can determine whether they can make joint custody work. A child custody attorney may help their client negotiate the agreement with the other side, contributing ideas that they know might get the parties on the same page. This could get the parents working together from the outset.


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