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When should couples sign a prenup before getting married?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Divorce |

While any couple in Maryland can benefit from signing a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, some couples can benefit more than others. If the couple files for divorce, having a prenup can help protect their assets and make the property division process go smoothly. Here are the people who are most vulnerable if they don’t sign a prenup before their divorce.

What kinds of people are the most vulnerable if they don’t sign a prenup?

If a person who comes from a wealthy background doesn’t sign a prenup, they might end up losing some of their wealth during the divorce. Their spouse may be entitled to a large portion of their assets, including their family inheritance. A prenup can help them protect their inheritance and pass it along if they have children of their own.

Business owners can also be vulnerable if they don’t sign a prenup before the divorce. Whether they start a business with their partner or run their own business when they get married, their business assets could be up for grabs during the divorce.

Additionally, parents with children from a previous marriage might be vulnerable if they don’t have a prenup. Their former spouse might be able to take part of their children’s inheritance in the divorce regardless of the parent’s wishes.

Where can an individual find legal guidance during a divorce?

When an individual decides to file for divorce, hiring an attorney may make the process easier and help them protect their financial assets. If the couple signed a prenup, the attorney may help them divide up their assets according to the instructions listed in the agreement. If not, an attorney might be able to protect their client’s assets while negotiating a fair deal with the other party.


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