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How living arrangements can impact child custody

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Child custody determinations can be complicated, complex, and emotionally charged. Any Judge who is making such determinations will take a variety of factors into account when making child custody determinations. These determinations will be done according to established state law, and Maryland is no exception.

One such factor is the living arrangements of the parent in question. Indeed, working with your legal counsel, you should determine just how your specific living arrangements – or that of your ex-spouse – can impact your child custody.

How living arrangements can impact child custody

This can occur in a variety of ways:

  • Privacy: Your child should have their own living space that comes with adequate space and privacy. While each child having their own bedroom is always preferred, it is not always possible, and a court may take accommodations into account when making decisions about the privacy offered to each child. Keep in mind that the age of the child will matter here, too: Teenagers will likely require more privacy than babies or younger children.
  • Finances: A parent who is in a stable financial situation is more likely to gain additional consideration in custody disputes than a parent who has a less stable situation. As such, a parent who has an established home and set living arrangement may be viewed more favorably by the courts.
  • Type of home: The type of home may not be specifically considered by the court, by the stability of that home – and overall size – likely will. A parent with a better-established living situation, as opposed to one who is constantly traveling or living out of a vehicle – may be viewed more favorably by the courts.

This is not a hard and fast list, and many other factors may go into determining child custody. However, these are good starting points for determining how your living arrangements can impact your child custody.


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