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Splitting property after a common law marriage ends

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Property Division |

Are you at the end of a common-law relationship in Maryland? This is usually defined as a relationship that you may have been in with a partner for a certain length of time. However, you have not chosen to make the relationship official by getting married. You may have questions about dividing property.

How will the property be split up?

Maryland is not a common-law state. This means that the property that is owned by either spouse will usually remain with them. Property division in this case is usually decided on without the help of the court. You may feel that your former partner has taken property from you in an illegal fashion. If this is so, you can file a claim.

If you owned a house before entering into a relationship, you can expect to keep it. All of your other properties and assets that are in your name will remain yours. The case may be otherwise with any properties or assets that are in both your names. For these, you can come to an official agreement or go to court.

How can you agree to property division?

There are plenty of ways that you can choose to split your assets at the end of a relationship. One of the best may be to sit down with a mediator. This is a person who has expertise in helping people in all kinds of situations to divide property.

A mediator may be able to use their skills to help you arrive at a solution that will satisfy the needs of both parties. There may be certain assets that will divide themselves in a natural manner. For others, you may have to negotiate long and hard until you arrive at a satisfactory agreement.


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