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Problems arise with child support obligations

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Parents may love their children and hope to care for them. Unfortunately, parents might also find their marriage failing and choose to divorce. Child custody decisions take prominence in many Maryland divorce cases, and the non-custodial parent may face requirements to pay child support. Some issues could arise when attempting to arrive at a reasonable support amount.

Issues related to child support

A parent might have problems with making child support payments for several reasons. Job losses or health matters may impact income. Others could find themselves in an ironically troubling position. The parent may both work and go to school. The intention of schooling centers on earning more money and finding a better career. While the new career path might ultimately benefit any children, the current responsibilities of working and going to school could make meeting support obligations challenging.

Those worried about balancing their various responsibilities with their ability to make child support payments may seek advice. Thankfully, there could be local support groups that might offer insights. Anyone who went through the same troubles and overcame hurdles may have useful advice.

Working out child support problems

If circumstances make staying timely with child support payments challenging, communicating the problem to the other parent might be advisable. Not paying or only making partial payments without providing any communication could make the situation worse.

Those with troubled relationships with their spouse may need to speak with the local government office that deals with child support payments. Filing a petition for child support modifications may be necessary.

A child support modification petition may result in the court lowering the previously decreed amount. Anyone petitioning to lower child support payments would need to present compelling evidence of financial hardships.


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