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An outside opinion during a custody case

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If you’re going through a custody case in Maryland, it could be difficult to reach agreements on certain topics. This is when it could be beneficial to have a forensic psychologist step in to listen to the children involved in order to offer suggestions for the best outcome for everyone involved.

The good and bad

During a child custody case, a psychologist can talk to each parent to determine the strengths that each party has as well as the weaknesses of each person. After learning these details, the psychologist could offer input regarding how each parent can help their children through the custody process so that they are comfortable going from one home to another. This information could also be used to help each parent and the court finalize a plan for where the children should primarily live if one parent has primary custody and the other parent only has visitation on the weekends or for special occasions.


A psychologist can listen to the children to find out more about the stability in the home. There are phrases and questions that a forensic psychologist can use that could make children feel comfortable opening up about situations where they might not feel comfortable talking to other adults. An assessment could also be performed on each parent to determine if they are stable enough to have the child in their home without the other parent on a full-time basis. Some of the things that are often considered in a custody case include each party’s finances and the emotional relationship they have with the children.

During a custody case, an outsider’s professional opinion can sometimes make it easier to come to a conclusion about the well-being of the children.


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