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Dealing with family members and custody

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After deciding on a custody schedule in Maryland, both parties typically abide by the set times for picking up and dropping off children with the other parent. However, there could be times when family members try to interfere with the schedule. Here are a few things that could be done if this happens.


Sometimes, family members might feel as though they are entitled to spend a certain amount of time with your children if the other party has been ordered to pay child support or if there is a custody schedule in place. If you still want your ex’s family to see your children, then communicate with the other parent so that you can work out a time that works for everyone. In the event that a family member tries to make contact with you, then you can reach out to your ex to make sure it’s alright with them or to express any concerns that you have if you don’t feel comfortable with letting other family members be as involved.

Think of your children

Even if you’re unable to raise your children in the same home as the other parent, your children could still want to be involved with any grandparents they still have as well as aunts, uncles, and other family members. Talk to your children about who they still want to maintain relationships with and if there is anyone they don’t necessarily want to spend as much time with as well.

Legal assistance

If you feel threatened by other family members, then you could contact your local law enforcement officers. Someone can come to your home or to another location where your children are at the time to ensure that family members don’t take your children with them without your permission.

While it can be beneficial for children to maintain relationships with all family members, there could be times when you don’t feel comfortable with having them around.


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