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How can fathers gain custody of their children?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Child Custody |

Fathers in Maryland who are divorced or single may want to gain custody of their children. Although society has typically seen mothers as the primary caregivers, many fathers are just as worthy of having their kids in their custody. Here are ways they can do so.

Pay child support

Make all your child support payments. Being current shows the court that you’re a serious father and have your child’s interests at heart. You may want to keep records of your payments.

Continue your relationship with your child

Continue maintaining a strong relationship with your child by having regular contact with them. This includes in-person visitation as well as by phone calls, text messages, video chatting and other means of digital communication.

Keep records

Keeping records that show your level of involvement in your child’s life is crucial. It can show the court that you want to gain parenting time with your child. You might want to create a parenting plan and schedule. Try to share it with your former partner to see if she’s amenable to it. This could help your chances for custody.

Be there for important matters

If your child has anything major going on, be there for it. This might include school, extracurricular or religious events. When you’re there, it proves that you are there for your son or daughter no matter what.

Create space for your child in your home

Your child should have their own space in your home. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, creating this space and making it special for your child can show how serious you are about getting custody. The judge will likely ask you questions about your home, so be prepared to answer.


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