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Understanding the emotional impact of divorce on your children

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Often, divorce is the best option for you and your spouse. When a relationship is no longer working, it is typically in the best interest of you and your family to find a way to move forward.

Some children understand that divorce is the best option for you and the family. In contrast, others struggle with having parents in separate homes and traveling between them. In other cases, some children avoid discussing their feelings altogether. As a parent, it is essential to be aware of how divorce affects your children so you can support them.

Here are a few tips for reading your children’s behavior and supporting their mental and emotional health after divorce.

Drastically different behavior

One of the challenges of raising children is that each development phase tends to come with changes in behavior. While it may be easy to attribute a change to teenage mood swings, raging hormones may not be to blame.

A shift in behavior could happen soon after the news of the divorce, or you may not notice anything for several weeks or months. Some children take more time to process change and may not feel the total impact until they go between their parents’ houses or talk to their friends.

It is important to talk to your child about how they feel about the divorce and keep the conversation open so they can continue to ask questions.

Academic performance

While you may have already thought about slipping grades as an indicator of your child’s emotional stress after a divorce, any significant change should indicate that they may need additional support.

Children deal with divorce in different ways. For children who tend to blame themselves, you could see improved academic performance as a way to try to “fix” the situation or gain more control when their life feels out of control.

As you and your family go through the changes that come with a divorce, it is essential to watch your children for signs that they may need additional support. Remember that each child may process divorce differently, so they may need a unique approach.


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