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How counseling can benefit those preparing for divorce

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Counseling or mental health support is valuable for people in a variety of situations. Obviously, professional assistance is crucial for those who have experienced substantial trauma and those with chemical imbalances or personality disorders. Additionally, mental health services can be useful for those who need to learn new interpersonal skills or navigate a high-conflict situation.

Social stigma related to counseling and therapy has decreased substantially in recent decades, and people are more open about the need for assistance when going through a difficult time. Divorce can often be what sends someone to a counselor’s office. How can counseling or therapy potentially benefit those going through a divorce?

Counseling can prevent a divorce

Some spouses go through a rough time because their relationship changes or they recognize a values mismatch too late. Some people file for divorce because they assume it is the best option available, but the marriage could still be salvageable in some cases. Roughly half of all marriages eventually require a degree of professional intervention, and many people who attend marital counseling are able to improve or save their marriages. On the other hand, the decision to attend marital counseling can help someone realize that they cannot overcome their marital issues without the cooperation of a spouse. That knowledge can help someone feel more confident about their decision to file for divorce.

Counseling can help people navigate divorce

The divorce process itself is a trauma even if someone wants the divorce and knows it is necessary. A therapist’s office is a confidential environment in which someone can vent their frustrations and otherwise explore their emotional reactions to the divorce process. In some cases, counseling can help someone heal from a traumatic marriage that involved abuse or an unhealthy dynamic. Other times, counseling can impart to someone the skills that they require to navigate divorce proceedings calmly and with grace.

Counseling can benefit co-parents

Some therapists specifically offer counseling services for those already divorced or in the process of divorcing. Instead of working on their relationship with the intention of saving the marriage, the goal is to help them better meet the needs of their shared children. Co-parenting therapy can teach adults crucial communication and conflict-resolution skills. It can also help them resolve some of their interpersonal issues so that they can co-parent amicably.

Counseling can be consequential someone preparing for divorce, as it can help them to manage the stress of divorce or healing from a recent divorce. Those who embrace the tools available to them can often heal more fully and quickly from what is often a very difficult experience.


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