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Preparing to meet with a divorce lawyer

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It can be difficult for Maryland resident stuck in unhappy or dysfunctional marriages to muster the courage necessary to file for divorce. Many put off the decision for later in order to avoid the frustration and emotional issues that typically accompany the dissolution of a marriage, but this often only subjects them to more stress and marital tension. However, such individuals can meet with a divorce attorney to discuss the possibility of a divorce before they take any formal steps, allowing them to seek helpful advice from a qualified expert.

Prospective divorcé(e)s preparing to meet with a lawyer should make sure they are ready for the emotional repercussions of discussing the problems of their marriages with another person. They should be ready to deal with any buried feelings that unexpectedly surface during their consultation.

Those who are serious about an eventual divorce should bring copies of any important financial and legal documents to their consultations as these provide attorneys crucial insight into their potential clients’ situations and help them provide better counsel. One should be sure to include papers detailing any significant assets and debts as well as important legal documents like prenuptial agreements, domestic disturbance reports and protective orders.

It is important for those considering a divorce to be completely honest when meeting with an attorney; divorce lawyers are legally bound to keep any information shared during a consultation confidential. Those whose marriages are fraught with violence or emotional abuse should bring this to the attorney’s attention. Similarly, one should tell the lawyer about any extramarital affairs regardless of which spouse cheated. It can be difficult for Maryland residents with no legal knowledge to know what facts are relevant to their divorce, but an experienced attorney can sort through all of a potential client’s information to identify the important factors.

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