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DNA paternity testing goes mobile

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2013 | Child Support |

A new traveling paternity test service in Baltimore, Maryland, has created a stir by performing tests out of its mobile clinic. In an age of ever-present DNA testing, paternity tests for child support purposes is becoming increasingly profitable, prompting more Maryland companies to offer the service.

Even though this readily available information may seem like a boon to parents, some family attorneys wonder whether the tests could ultimately destabilize families. Children could even be hurt through some of these measures. As a result, many professionals say that the child support aspect of parent-child relationships has largely become the focus of the courts, which are pushing for more financial responsibility instead of parenting accountability. As policymakers continue to put significant emphasis on the money part of the equation, children could be losing out on the valuable relationships they could have had with their parents.

For now, though, the ubiquity of DNA testing services is unlikely to slow, as advocates attempt to push this secretive issue into the mainstream. New numbers show that nearly 400,000 relationship tests were performed in 2010 at accredited laboratories, with even more performed at those without stringent certifications. Advocates throughout the state herald the widespread testing as a benefit that allows children to know their biological parents. In some cases, child-support conflicts are not the focus of the DNA testing, but rather a reassurance for families that have doubts.

If you are struggling with a child support battle because of questionable paternity, do not hesitate to seek professional DNA testing. These services can help determine whether you are responsible for child support, allowing you to be certain about the paternity of the child in question. Those going through child support difficulties should consider seeking the assistance of a qualified family attorney. These professionals can help you learn more about your financial and legal options throughout the child custody and child support negotiations.

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