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Set house rules for single-parenting success

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As a single parent in Maryland, you are juggling all aspects of your own life while managing an entire family. After your divorce, you may feel as though you cannot handle all of the demands that come along with being a single parent. You are on-call at all times; from handling the budget to making meals, you must put forth a massive amount of effort. Experts say you may be able to rely on an unlikely resource during this difficult time. Instead of taking on the entire burden on your own, enlist the help of your kids! Today, we discuss some strategies that have been employed by experts in the field: single parents themselves.

In order to effectively run a household as a single parent, you must set a strict list of house rules that require your children’s participation and responsibility. These mandates are, of course, age-appropriate, but every child should know to clean up after themselves and make sure they respect their home and their family members. In addition, children thrive on routine and structure. Make sure that you have a bedtime routine, as well as a regiment for waking up in the morning to get to school. These routines will help everyone start and end their day on the right foot. Your children will also get more sleep and feel more secure when they go through a nighttime routine.

The importance of personal time for your children cannot be overstated. Your kids deserve a half-hour or so when they come home from school to unwind, relax and regroup before dinner and homework begin. This half-hour break also gives you some quiet time to prepare for the onslaught of activities that may be on the docket for the evening hours.

A few simple household rules can transform your single-parenting experience from stressful to stupendous. Provide your children with an added measure of responsibility to help raise their self-esteem and self-reliance. Your whole family will benefit.

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