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Salsa singer Marc Anthony asked to pay more child support

On Behalf of | May 23, 2014 | Child Support |

The former wife of Latin crooner Marc Anthony recently took him to a Los Angeles, California, court to get him to pay more child support to her for raising their two children.

Anthony had previously been paying the alleged amount of $13,000 per month to Dayanara Torres, his former wife, but she claims that amount is insufficient for the needs of the children. Anthony’s attorney proposed increasing that amount by $2,500 per child each month, and also throwing in another $6,000 per child as an increase towards their travel budget. Altogether, the proposed increases would have totaled $17,000 in additional funds than Anthony was previously paying to Torres.

Through her attorney, Torres declined that offered and instead argued that according to the state’s child support calculation, which considers the income and expenses of parents, Anthony should be paying her between $80,000 and $125,000 each month. The issue remains unresolved, and the next hearing is scheduled for June 19.

The state of Maryland takes the issue of child support seriously. The state uses a standardized method of determining the distribution amount of support based on a mathematical formula known as the Child Support Guidelines. Those guidelines take into consideration each parent’s gross income and the costs of any work-related daycare expenses. This is in addition to other costs such as health insurance to figure out each parent’s obligation. In some cases where a child spends more than 128 overnight stays with a parent, a different formula might be used to modify the amount owed by the non-custodial parent.

Those parents faced with a child support obligation should know that changes to their income, or that of their spouses, can alter the formula used to determine their original obligation amount. Other life events such as a serious debilitating disease, an injury suffered in an accident or other significant changes may also affect a parent’s ability to pay.

Source: Latin Times, “Marc Anthony Vs Dayanara Torres: Salsa Singer Agrees To Increase Child Support; Former Miss Universe Wants Even More!” Maria G. Valdez, May. 13, 2014


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