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Child support and credit checks in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2014 | Child Support |

After a divorce in Maryland, it may be up to a judge or a government agency to determine if someone needs to make child support payments, as well as how much must be paid. To do this, the agency may take a look at a person’s credit report. They will be looking at the overall credit score, but they will also be going into more detail to see if the person has missed many payments in the past, defaulted on their loans, or done anything else that could be viewed as a negative part of that report.

The goal of checking this is to see how the person handles their money and what they can afford. By looking at the type of debt they have, the agency can decide how much they should be able to pay on their current income. They will also be able to tell if it is likely that the person will skip their child support payments by looking at how often they have skipped other loan payments or bills.

Another important thing to note is that the child support payments and the person’s credit score could be linked going forward. If they have good credit and they still miss those monthly payments, for example, their credit rating could start to fall.

It is crucial for anyone who is going through a divorce to know how the child support process works and what the possible outcomes are. Understanding this can help them know what rights they have, what types of information the government is allowed to look at, and how that information could affect their payments.

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