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Maryland DNA results can stop child support payments

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2015 | Child Support |

A man in another state has been responsible for the support of a child that is not his for 13 years. The man claims that he has never seen the child nor talked to the child, yet he is, in the eyes of the state, considered to be $21,000 behind in child support payments. This type of situation can happen anywhere, even in Maryland.

The man claims that he is not financially able to make the payments. That statement is supported by the fact that he has had his wages garnished for years. He claims that the wage garnishment regularly left him without enough money for necessities, such as food and electricity.

A DNA test finally proved that he is not the child’s biological father, but the courts in his state of residence have said that he is still responsible for the back child support. Fortunately, he has been told that he will not have to make any future payments. The man has another court date and is hoping that the judge will rule differently concerning the back child support.

Maryland child support payments are ordered by the court and are determined based on the incomes of both parents and the specific needs of the child. However, a man can be forced to pay child support payment simply because a mother lists him as the biological father on a child’s birth certificate. Men who find themselves paying support for children who are not theirs may seek to have the payments stopped by taking legal action. 

Source: thegrio.com, “Texas man owes $21K in child support for kid that DNA proves isn’t his“, March 25, 2015


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