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Maryland child support payments owed even if out of state

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Child Support |

An attorney general’s office in another state recently collected more than $95,000 in back child support payments in one case. Maryland parents who receive child support payments are likely aware that payments can be collected even if the parent who owes the support moves to another state. The 41-year-old man who had moved to another state paid his back due support after an arrest warrant was issued for him for felony non-support.

Sometimes, the question is the parent’s ability to pay. However, when the non-custodial parent can pay, that person can be held accountable for any failure to pay. This man was arrested in March, but the criminal charges were dropped once he paid what he owed in child support payments, including assessed penalties.

In cases where it appears that a person is willfully avoiding payment, the criminal justice system provides for the ability to arrest and jail those who are non-compliant with child support orders. There are also a variety of other enforcement measures, such as garnishment of wages and interception of any income tax refund. For those who wish to pay but are financially unable to do so, a petition to modify an existing support order may be appropriate. 

In many states, including Maryland, there are parents who avoid payment of their court ordered child support payments. Many times, this is because of health issues and/or job loss. For those who are entitled to receive child support payments but are not getting them, legal assistance may be helpful in collecting past due sums. For those who have suffered a substantial change in economic circumstances, making it impossible to comply with the terms of an existing child support order, a family law lawyer can help in presenting a petition to the court to seek a formal modification of the order.

Source: ourmidland.com, “Schuette recovers $95,000 in child support from former Clare man“, April 14, 2015


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