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How to communicate with your divorce attorney

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For most Maryland spouses, the divorce process is largely unknown territory. Ending a marriage is not something that individuals do on a regular basis, and most people are in the dark when it comes to what to expect or how to move the process forward. This is why it is so important to find a trusted divorce attorney to guide the process. It is equally important to make full use of the expertise that a divorce attorney can offer, which is best accomplished when spouses maximize their communication time with their attorney.

One of the most common mistakes that a divorcing spouse can make is to call their attorney too often, or for matters that do not require the attorney’s attention. This is understandable, as divorce can be stressful and is full of uncertainties for spouses who are not used to the process. However, reaching out to one’s attorney for emotional support or non-legal advice is not a productive use of one’s time or money.

A good approach is to take the time to ask oneself if a question or concern is one that might be better addressed to a different professional. For example, it is normal to want to vent one’s frustrations about the ex or discuss various co-parenting options during a divorce. However, a counselor can better address those issues than one’s attorney. In addition, a therapist is better qualified to provide this type of advice, and can do so at a far lower hourly rate than a divorce attorney.

Another way to maximize efficiency and reduce costs during a divorce is to have a list of questions and concerns at hand during any meetings or calls to one’s attorney. Simply being prepared will save a great deal of time, leaving the attorney free to focus on the details of the case, while avoiding becoming sidetracked with issues that are better addressed elsewhere. Maryland spouses should know that when additional information or documentation is needed, the attorney’s office will make a direct request for those items.

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