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Women may seek divorce at higher rate than men

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A recent study looked at the ways in which relationships end, and found that when a marriage is faltering, women may be more likely to throw in the towel than men. The study made use of data collected from more than 2,000 survey respondents, all of whom were involved in a heterosexual marriage or relationship between 2009 and 2015. By the end of the study period, 92 individuals had gone through a divorce, with the women initiating 69 percent of those divorce cases. Many Maryland residents are not surprised by those findings. 

This piece of research did not go into the reasons behind the statistics, but a number of assumptions can be easily made based on our culture’s shifting norms. For example, women may seek divorce more now than in decades past due to the fact that the social stigma associated with divorce is all but gone now. In addition, many women do not set aside their career goals to stay home and care for the house and children, and are in a better financial position to meet their own needs without the help of a spouse.

That said, women still lag behind their male colleagues when it comes to matters of salary and job stability. For some, the prospect of divorce is still daunting. In such cases, understanding the financial ramifications of divorce is important to making the best possible decision. Many women achieve this goal by meeting with a divorce attorney to discuss various options. Knowing how the property division process will work and what to expect in terms of child support and alimony can given women the numbers they need to make an informed decision about when to file.

For those in Maryland who are ready to learn more about divorce, it is never too early to begin gathering information, such as researching topics like those presented here. Scheduling an initial consultation with a family law attorney can also provide answers to important divorce questions, as can meeting with a financial advisor to work out a budget for the months and years ahead. Divorce is a significant life event, and women who are willing to learn about the process are in a far better position to file, if and when the time comes.  

Source: livescience.com, “Women Are More Likely to Initiate Divorce, But Not Dating Breakups“, Laura Geggel, Aug. 22, 2015


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