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A New Year may require a new take on divorce

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The New Year is here, and many people are looking for ways to improve their lives in the coming months. Some will focus on new goals and aspirations, while other will turn to the past to seek ways to learn from old mistakes and improve their lives. For those in Maryland who are struggling to complete their divorce, this month is a great time to make changes in how the legal process is proceeding.

Many divorce cases become stalled when spouses are unable to come to terms on matters of property division. Often, one or both parties will dig in their heels and refuse to budge on issues that will one day seem utterly trivial. In the heat of a divorce, however, fighting over who will get to keep the wedding china or the family dog can seem like the most important battle in the world. Unfortunately, such an approach keeps both spouses mired in the past and unable to move ahead to future happiness.

Spouses who are stuck in negotiations should ask themselves what role they play in the problem. A thorough self-analysis might reveal that the current approach is based more in emotion than reason. If that is the case, it may be time to let go and move on, even if it means giving up something that seems very important at the time.

Once both sides are assured that their best interests are being looked after by their legal team, engaging in extensive negotiation only serves to rack up legal fees and further deplete marital wealth. No one truly wins in such a scenario, and the matter simply drags on and on. Maryland spouses who are ready to end their divorce and move forward must take the first step in getting negotiations moving and completing the process in a timely manner.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Your Divorce“, Diana Shepherd, Dec. 30, 2015


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