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Divorce may be an event that involves two spouses, but there are many more people who will play a role in the transition from married to single. One of the most powerful steps that any Maryland resident can take is creating a circle of influence to provide advice and support as this transition takes place. Divorce may be deeply personal, but it is also a process that can benefit from a team approach.

When thinking about building a divorce team, it is important to understand how negativity can impact all aspects of a divorce. Surrounding oneself with people who are interested in stirring up trouble can only serve to make this time more challenging. While these people may be otherwise great friends or close family members, it is important to limit the degree of influence that they have during the divorce process. This is a time when spouses need to feel supported, not overwhelmed by negativity.

The best team members are the ones who will be there through good times and bad. These are the people who refrain from becoming involved in any drama between divorcing spouses, but who are willing to listen to an occasional frustrated rant. They will not offer unsolicited opinions, but will provide a neutral sounding board when called upon. They are the voice of reason when a spouse is at the end of his or her rope.

The people with whom one associates during the course of a divorce can have a greater impact on the final outcome than many people realize. Choosing friends and family who are willing and able to provide positive support is important to a favorable outcome. A solid divorce team will always include a trusted family law professional to guide Maryland spouses through the choices and options on how to pursue negotiations and complete the legal side of things. However, having a support team to assist with the emotional side of divorce is equally important.

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