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If you are divorcing with children, you already understand the heavy toll it can take on your family. It is often a time of utter chaos in which you exist under a microscope. Everything you say and do could be subject to intense scrutiny. Making mistakes can cost you heavily, but it can cost your children even more: a stable environment, interacting with both parents, emotional security and more.

As family law attorneys, we see parents make a lot of mistakes that can affect their child custody proceedings. Losing the custody agreement you want is one thing, but putting your children in a compromising position is another thing altogether. We know this is an outcome you do not want and your co-parent probably does not as well.

While there are a plethora of potential mistakes you could make during child custody evaluations, we will eschew providing an extensive list. Instead we will offer a little bit of advice from which all divorcing parents can benefit.

— First, practice common sense at all times. For example, avoid indulging in drugs or excessive alcohol as it could put your custody rights at risk and may even harm your children.

— Second, do not ignore any instructions a court has provided you with. Examples include not moving with your child and not interfering with your co-parent’s parenting time.

— Third, seek a sounding board when in doubt about something you want to say or do. A good sounding board could be a therapist or your divorce attorney.

We all make mistakes, but when child custody is at stake, the consequences can be devastating. Please visit our website to learn more about child custody in Maryland, or contact our staff to address more specific concerns.


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