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Paying for a child when the parents are no longer together

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When parents end their marriage, they are still required to take care of their children. This means paying for food, shelter and other needs that they may have. Generally speaking, this is easier when parents in Maryland and elsewhere can communicate effectively. Ideally, they will have regular meetings to discuss their child’s current and future financial needs. These meetings can occur over the phone or by email if it isn’t possible to get together in person.

Creating a detailed divorce decree can minimize the opportunity for conflicts to arise in the future. It should spell out who is responsible for paying a child’s medical or educational expenses or how they will be split between each parent. Computer programs can help parents keep track of a child’s financial needs and who is responsible for taking care of them.

The use of computer software makes it easier to prove that a payment was missed or that a parent isn’t living up to his or her obligation. Parents should also consider the tax implications of having a child for more than six months a year. Doing so could entitle an individual to file for head of household status, which can save a parent hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes each year. If a couple has multiple children, each parent may be able to qualify as head of household.

Those who are planning on getting a divorce may benefit from talking with an attorney. The attorney may help a parent learn more about obtaining financial assistance from the child’s other parent. A legal professional may also help a person learn more about property division or other issues that arise during the divorce settlement process. Settlements may be reached privately through mediation or through a trial.


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