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Keeping in the boss’s good graces during divorce

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A Maryland divorce overshadows nearly everything else in one’s life due to the intense emotions that it causes. One of the things that may fade into the background is job responsibilities. This can cause problems for an employee when their performance begins to fall off at work. An employee needs to either maintain their performance or keep in close communication with their supervisor.

One may hesitate to share details of their personal life with their boss, especially if there is not a close relationship. When it comes to a divorce, however, this is a conversation that must be had so the boss has the necessary context when assessing performance. Otherwise, they will see the employee as less effective at their job and may act accordingly. In some cases, management may even choose to offer their support for the employee. However, one should avoid the temptation to seek support by sharing too many details with coworkers.

The best way to handle a job during divorce is to reserve enough emotional energy to perform on the job. One way to do this is to heal and forgive as best as possible even while the divorce is occurring. However, one should not use work as a crutch to occupy their mind in a way that keeps them from doing the work necessary to recover from the divorce.

One way that people have the time and bandwidth necessary to heal from the divorce is by hiring a family law attorney. This could prevent them from being overloaded emotionally because the lawyer can handle the details of the divorce. The attorney could even be instrumental in helping their client reach a settlement agreement that prevents the divorce from going to court. The more conflict there is, the more difficult it is for an employee to concentrate at work.


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