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Do you always have to pay child support when you get divorced?

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When you file for divorce in Maryland, you and your estranged spouse have some control over how your assets are divided. If you both agree to a set of terms, the court will probably oblige. However, the situation is different when it avoids child support. No matter what your spouse tells you, you might have to pay child support if you don’t receive custody of your child.

Do you have to pay child support in every situation?

Before you filed for divorce, you and your spouse might have agreed that you won’t have to pay child support. Unfortunately, this decision isn’t up to the parents. While the judge might allow you to make some decisions on your own, most states have strict regulations regarding child support. This is meant to ensure that the parents are always acting in their child’s best interests.

As a result, you should never assume that you won’t have to pay child support just because you and your former spouse have an agreement. The court can rule that you have to pay child support if it thinks that it would improve the child’s quality of life. Additionally, the state has laws about which parent pays child support and how much they have to pay each month. Before you file for divorce, you might want to speak with a family law attorney so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

How can you figure out your child support plan?

Legal counsel could help you figure out how much child support you’re expected to pay. The state of Maryland uses different formulas depending on your parenting situation. Your attorney could give you an idea of what to expect and help you negotiate if necessary. Counsel could also help you request a modification later on.


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