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Planning for divorce before you file

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When you’re preparing to file for divorce in Maryland, it’s important to plan ahead. Start by hiring a divorce attorney to help guide you through the process. You’ll need to organize your finances and create a new budget as you prepare to live on your own. You may need to support yourself after getting divorced, and your attorney may explain whether you might owe or receive alimony.

Establishing good credit in your own name is also important to ensure that you can apply for housing or a car. Apply for a new credit card in your name and gather proof of your income. If you plan to seek child custody, gather the necessary documents to show that you’re fit to provide a healthy and safe environment for your kids.

Common mistakes to avoid when filing for divorce

When filing for divorce, avoid hiding any assets, which can cause you to get fined by the court. Avoid disregarding the impact of taxes in the divorce settlement or evaluating settlement proposals.

In addition, don’t fail to consider mediation, which is confidential and can be cheaper than going through the courts. Mediation, which is less formal, will allow you and your spouse to have more control over the decisions made instead of leaving everything to a judge who isn’t as familiar with your situation.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you plan to file for divorce, contact a divorce lawyer to help you to prepare for the process. A legal professional may review the details of the case and offer advice about what assets to seek to support yourself. An attorney may also help you with negotiating spousal support, child custody and child support.


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