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Child custody tips for parents of disabled children

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2024 | Child Custody |

Raising a child with disabilities is a beautiful journey filled with unique joys and challenges. However, when parents of a special needs child enter divorce proceedings, ordinary day-to-day challenges can feel amplified.

You will likely face many fears and concerns about your child during (and after) the divorce. Here are some practical tips to confidently advocate for your child and help ensure you obtain custody arrangements that allow your child to continue thriving.

Put your child’s needs first

You probably agree that your child and their needs must come first in all stages of divorce. Focus on what environment best supports their specific needs, therapies and routines. Consider factors like accessible housing, proximity to specialists and familiar support systems.

You have a good chance of getting a custody order that supports all your child’s needs when the court sees you have done your homework.

Work on co-parent communication

Open and honest communication between parents is always crucial and can be especially important when you have a child with special needs. Set any differences you have aside to improve communication and cooperation. It can empower you to work together to maintain consistency across both households. Family courts like parenting plans that show that parents want what is best for their kids and are willing to cooperate to make it happen.

Having experienced legal guidance can provide invaluable help when you must address sensitive child-related matters. It’s important to understand Maryland custody laws and create agreements prioritizing your child’s well-being above all other considerations. Even if you can work with your co-parent efficiently, guidance helps you address obstacles and prevent errors that could impact child custody.


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