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Is January a good time to file for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Divorce |

The decision to file for divorce is a significant and life-altering choice. As individuals navigate this challenging process, many factors come into play, including the timing of when to initiate legal proceedings.

Is January a good time to file for divorce? If this is a burning question for you, you’re not alone.

The January surge: Myth or reality?

January has gained a reputation as the “divorce month.” Some attribute a spike in new divorce cases at this time of year to the stress and strains of the holiday season, prompting individuals to reassess their relationships.

In some cases, the decision to divorce is usually already made before the festive season, but the couples choose to give their kids one last holiday before dissolving their marriage. Some experts also argue that the desire for a fresh start in the New Year contributes to the surge, while others point to financial considerations tied to the calendar year.

Strategic considerations for January divorce filings

Filing for divorce in January can result in unique financial advantages. As the New Year begins, individuals may have a clearer picture of their financial standings, making it easier to plan for the division of assets and financial obligations.

January filings can also impact the upcoming tax season. Understanding the tax implications of divorce is crucial, and initiating the process early in the year allows individuals to address these concerns promptly.

The decision of whether January is a good time to file for divorce depends on various personal, financial and emotional factors. By carefully considering the strategic advantages, seeking legal advice and fostering open communication, individuals can navigate the divorce process with greater ease and efficiency.


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