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Father believes child’s disappearance related to custody dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2011 | Child Custody |

The father of a young child who has been missing for more than a week recently told reporters that he believes his son’s disappearance is linked to a recent custody decision, of which his wife disapproved. The man and his wife have been engaged in a long divorce and custody battle with both parties accusing the other of abusing their children.

A week before the child disappeared, both parties reached a child custody agreement that would allow the father to see the couple’s two children, but the woman canceled the deal shortly before her son vanished. The woman defended her decision, saying that the agreement was unfairly balanced in her husband’s favor. She claimed that everyone present at the mediation that led to the settlement was against her.

While the police have not been able to locate the child, the man believes his wife knows something about the boy’s disappearance. She has refused to publicly comment on her child or the accusations against her, only speaking to investigators through her attorney.

Investigators have not named any suspects in the case, but said that several discrepancies are present in the mother’s alibi. Additionally, her husband has agreed to undergo polygraph tests to show investigators that he was not involved, while the mother has refused on the grounds that she is too emotionally distraught from the entire affair. Both parents were initially charged with reckless engagement for leaving their infant son in a cold car, but avoided the charges by completing community service, parenting courses and probation.

While it is not clear what happened to the young boy in this case, it shows just how contentious child custody decisions can be. When both parents seek custody or one parent does not want the other to have visitation rights, it can cause some people to act outside the law. Hopefully the boy who has been missing is safe and will be found soon.

Source: ABC News, “Sky’s Father Says Disappearance Linked to Custody Dispute,” Katie Kindelan, Nov. 14, 2011


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